Beating blahs with orchids

As February was coming to an end, my ever-so-cheerful spirit was crumbling down under the weight of dreary winter months, lack of sunshine, and continual cold that no amount of high-tog duvets, fairy lights, and mulled wine would chase away. Wrap up in double layers, look up the grey skies, and sigh heavily – it all became an everyday routine. Through this, a real blessing emerged in the form of the Orchid Show organised by the Kew Gardens. Stunning colours, tropical heat, magnificent displays and arrangements; afterwards, as I walked out through the Victorian doors of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, I felt dizzy and utterly overwhelmed. It was either the orchid bonanza or the fact that I’d forgotten my lunch.

The exhibition has been extended through March 10 (Mother’s Day Sunday) and TimeOut has half-price offers for entry to Kew Gardens.

Water-borne centre piece

Pink (failing to remember any names of individual species)




Pink and white




You get the idea


Finishing touch


2 thoughts on “Beating blahs with orchids

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