For the love of sausage dogs

On Sunday, my dachshund Dave turned 9. Normally, this is the age when your dog has seen it all: in Dave’s case, her* first snow in Russia and air temperature dropping down to -35 degrees Celsius, white sandy beaches and massive sea waves on the northern shore of France, and her fair share of tweed blazers and green wellingtons around parks of West London. At this point, she has no time for my silly games and animated long monologues – she has things to do, like yawn, nap, and munch. Although, there are some things that are guaranteed to get her excited: a sunny day, a lovely warm jumper, and a certain blue tennis ball.

*Dave is a girl but that is a story I shall share another time.

Greenwich 027 Greenwich 035

Dave started her day with a brisk and energetic trot around our neighbourhood. Ah, who am I kidding?! Dave started her day with a slice of fully ripe camembert, infused with truffle oil and a hint of walnut extract, closely followed by a long nap. But it was her birthday, so don’t judge me.

Then we went for a walk around the block.

Greenwich 045

I love discovering new shades of yellow and red every day on the trees lining up our street.

Greenwich 050

As is traditional, I make sure my frock matches the ambience.

Greenwich 044

At the park, Dave was proudly showing her new squirrel jumper to Shaker, her playmate.

Greenwich 038 Greenwich 035

Shaker looks duly impressed, don’t you think?

Greenwich 043

But then our friend Po (not her real name) called asking if Dave and I would like to join her in Greenwich. Exploring new areas of London and taking a few pictures? Yes, please!

Greenwich 013

Obviously, Dave and Po are on a first-name basis.

Greenwich 008

In fact, Dave thinks that Po’s arms are the best place for a snooze.

Greenwich 003

Greenwich 006

Greenwich 007

Dave napped happily all the way to Greenwich. When we arrived, the sky greeted us with gorgeous blue and orange lines.

Greenwich 015

Having strolled along the river for a bit, we found Cutty Sark Tavern — a beautiful riverside pub serving great British grub and local beers.

(The following pictures are from the Internet, I was all snapped out by this point).

Cutty Sark 2 Cutty Sark 1

The pub welcomed us with the desired warmth, huge plates of roast chicken, and our first mulled wine of the season!

Greenwich 018

So… Do you think Dave celebrated her birthday in style?

Greenwich 019

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