Stereophonics in London

Thursday night was the night I was supposed to be recovering at home after yet another long transatlantic flight. I knew that any minute now, waves of jet-lag will crush me under their weight, building in me a sharp desire to drop snoozing on the first horizontal surface I encounter (true story!).

Having travelled extensively throughout my life for either study or work, I should know better than fight it. But like an ostrich burying its head in the sand to avoid danger, I naively assume that if I ignore the jet-lag just this once, it will go away and never bother me again. Side note: I know that ostriches never really bury their heads in the sand but the simile was too good to pass up! Plus I get to use the word simile.

As part of this ingenious Ignore the Jet-Lag plan, my friend and I decided to make our way to the Stereophonics gig at The O2 Arena in London. I am so glad that we did, I’ve been an avid fan of their music ever since the early 2000s! Ever-melancholic Kelly Jones, the sounds of Welsh valleys, constant soul-searching and self-doubt, engaging playlists — what is not to like?

Stereophonics 044

Below: me — tired but happy.

Stereophonics 051

I have a confession to make: we missed the support act!

I know, I know, I am a horrible person but in my defence, we were slightly distracted…

Stereophonics 025

Because one of the restaurants at the O2 had marshmallows and sponge cakes on sticks, and melting chocolate on tap! Can you blame us?

Stereophonics 029

How did we come across it at a venue this size? Truffles, pigs… just saying!

Stereophonics 026

Oh, and ice-cream!

Stereophonics 033

Also, to be honest, I found the name of the support act — Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis — slightly off-putting and out of context.

Got so carried away munching on gummy bears and posing for photos that almost forgot about Stereophonics.

Stereophonics 034


Stereophonics 039

The band treated us with a beautiful light show, an outstanding set-list, brilliant music, and lots of little funny stories and jokes. Kelly Jones is mesmerising, and despite the size of the O2, the gig felt rather intimate and warm.

During Indian Summer, dozens of huge yellow and red balloons filled with silver ticker tape were let loose in the crowd and were bouncing up and down during the entire song!

Stereophonics 038

Excited, exhilarated, and deeply moved, we took the Thames Clipper back into town. It is my favourite way to travel around the city — you get to take in so many amazing sights.

Stereophonics 049

Nearly there.

Stereophonics 050

Tell me what you think — are you a Stereophonics fan too?

One thought on “Stereophonics in London

  1. Классно! Мне нравятся две их композиции: Indian Summer и Graffiti on the Train. Правда… я только эти две и слышал. )) Кстати, если мне не изменяет память ( а она частенько это делает), то впервые послушал их как раз в Лондоне.


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