Oh London, you flirt!

Paris may be sexy. New York has its ways too. But London, in my opinion, is the most flirtatious city in the world. London doesn’t just flirt with you: it charms you right up to the point until you fall for it. It lures you in with its beautiful winter sunsets the colour of vintage pink champagne, delights you with its mysterious greens and elegant bridges, and puts a spell on you in December with its bright Christmas lights, festive sparkles, and intricate illuminations.

For my friends far far away, who couldn’t visit me or my favourite city this holiday season (yes, I am looking at you, my darling!), I took a stroll through London, capturing the best displays and window decorations this flirtatious city has to offer. Hide indoors with a glass of mulled wine and let me take you for a little wander through London at Christmas-time.


We start with Covent Garden. Because, as you can see, Covent Garden IS Christmas.


Apple Market


Red baubles and disco lights! I told you it was flirty.


St Martin’s Courtyard


and Seven Dials

IMG_6381 IMG_6383

Christmas fair at Leicester Square


and your favourite bard.


Snow globe at Piccadilly Circus.


Year of Robin at Carnaby Street.

IMG_6401 IMG_6403 IMG_6407

The Twelve Days of Christmas on Regents Street.

IMG_6423 IMG_6425

Window displays


Fortnum and Mason. Rumour has it that they start designing their next Christmas display as early as March every year.

IMG_6438 IMG_6441

There is something delightfully cosy about these, don’t you think?

IMG_6447 IMG_6450 IMG_6453

One of the arcades leading away from Piccadilly Circus.


Dolce & Gabbana on Bond Street.


Ralph Lauren, Cartier, and Dior.

IMG_6483 IMG_6485 IMG_6487

And we finish on South Molton Street — a street in Mayfair that leads from Bond Street to Oxford Street.


Now, if you will excuse me, I shall stop here, I have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do. Happy Christmas, everyone, and thank you for being such wonderful readers. I couldn’t have wished for a better company this year!


9 thoughts on “Oh London, you flirt!

  1. Thank you for such great pictures, darling, and reminding me what London looks like around Christmas. Breathtaking!


  2. I loved the little hidden away gem of a poem in this blog post:

    Christmas fair
    on Leicester Square
    and your favourite bard
    William Shakespeare

    Bet you didn’t think I would spot it, but I already know it by heart! ;o)


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