Shopping in Barbados

As far as bloggers go, I ought to be the most disorganised and unpredictable. After spending my Christmas in Barbados, it would have been logical to blog about it for a week or two, but instead I started the #100happydays challenge and got extremely sidetracked. So I think I’d post a few pictures from my Barbados trip to catch up. It was a lovely sunny day in December and I decided to go shopping. Up on a hill, with the vast expanse of the ocean behind her, was sitting Evangelika. She was the happiest person I ever met, with the biggest smile on her face and the friendliest disposition. We spent a delightful afternoon on that hill. She was gossiping about locals, telling me stories about journalists from the National Geographic coming to take pictures of her all the time, and showing me the beautiful beaded necklaces she’s spent her lifetime selling.

Разбираю фотографии с недавней поездки на Барбадос и вспоминаю чудесный день, который я провела на высоком обрыве в обнимку с Эванжеликой — чудесной местной торговкой и самым счастливым человеком, с которым мне когда-либо довелось пообщаться.







P1010209-2 P1010203-2


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