Kurobuta Marble Arch

I love food. You love food. We love food. We are especially fond of sushi. It’s been over six months since Po and I learnt how to make sushi and choose our sake — remember that post? After the masterclass, our best intentions centred around spending a cosy evening or two every month making mouth-watering fresh sushi for our friends and family to enjoy, complemented by crisp sake skillfully selected by one of us. Obviously, this never happened. But we still love sushi and we have to find a way to enjoy it. Luckily for us, the former Nobu chef Scott Hallsworth finally opened a proper Kurobuta joint – and even though it is located miles away from where I live, it is still much more spacious and welcoming than the tiny stuffy pop-up he has in Chelsea. And the food is still über-yummi with a few more lovely additions.

We started with rather moreish flamed edamame with lemon and butter, followed by sweet potato and soba-ko fries which came with two amazing sauces but were too good for any dipping to be involved so had to be eaten without. These were followed by more maki than you can shake a stick at, my favourite being spicy tuna maki rolled in tempura crunchies. Po, however, preferred softshell crab maki with kimchi mayo. An amazing combination of flavours and textures: the perfect crunchiness, the melt-in-your-mouth butterness, the gooey riceness… you get the idea! Oh, and the cocktails! We started with The Green Bastard (admittedly, chosen just for the name) and The Porn Star Martini that was served with a shot of champagne (which I had to sip first, before adding it to my martini – never the one to waste my champagne)! Then we reordered but this time, Po had a martini while I focused on The Bastard – maybe, not a good idea?

From the specials, I was looking forward to my yellowtail something but the extremely friendly waiter in his effort to be helpful kept pointing to his own neck and collarbones when describing how the dish was made out of the collar of the fish (a delicacy, apparently)… Bless him, as if I’d ever eat that! So we opted for the Rainbow Warrior sushi which was bursting with freshness and different flavours. But slightly ironic to name your sushi after the famous Greenpeace ship that safeguards our oceans, Mr Hallsworth, don’t you think?

The night culminated in a mouth-watering desert of mini-doughnuts, jelly, and some crunchy goodness washed down with Autumn Leaves (Honjozo Yauemon), their most premium sake, which was all so good that a silence fell on our table for at least ten minutes while we were consuming it. Silence is a sign of speechlessness which is the highest compliment we could give any food. If you know Po and me, we talk incessantly. For goodness sake, we never shut up!

The only incident to sour our night was being overcharged on our bill. Being extremely allergic to numbers or anything to do with common sense, I never check the bill but for some reason, I decided to have a peak this time… and I am glad I did! The staff were profusely apologetic but it took them a good twenty minutes to correct the error, by which time our taxi added the wait to our taxi bill. Oh well, a wonderful evening nevertheless, and officially THE BEST SUSHI I had in London so far.

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 1

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 2

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 3

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 4

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 5

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 6

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 7

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 8

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 9

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 10

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 11

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 12

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 13

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 14

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 16

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 17

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 18

ShadeofRedBlog Kurabuta Marble Arch 19

Do you have your favourite sushi place where you live? What is it like?


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