Once in a blue moon in Vienna

The English expression “once in a blue moon” refers to an event that occurs very rarely. But how rarely, depends on your definition… Some would call it a rare event when two long-time friends go out on a Saturday night for spritzers and food, then spend the warm summer night chatting and laughing on the steps of a museum under the light of the Blue Moon.

When I was visiting my Dr Friend in Vienna last month, we were reminiscing of the many wonderful days and evenings we had spent together over the years: there was a warm August night in Exeter four years ago when we were dancing to Britpop under the stars, there was a morning in London when we sitting in the sunshine in the conservatory of Kensington Palace, and, of course, there was a grey and rainy, yet very fun weekend in Bude — the weekend of cocktails, surfing, and taking pictures with elderly lifeguards (don’t ask). Now, we have this wonderful Vienna evening to add to our arsenal of beautiful memories. The night under the Blue Moon.

We started off on the highest point of Vienna — 57 Restaurant in Melia Hotel:



Watching the sunset



and enjoying lovely rich bouillabaisse and scallops.

P1130180 P1130185 P1130183P1130178

with lavender and lemon spritzers.






57 Restaurant is one of those places where you take your friend to cheer her up or to show her the best views of Vienna. It is also one of those places where you are surrounded by smartly-dressed couples on the brink of proposing.



After watching the beautiful fireworks (no pictures), we headed out into the warm night to see the Blue Moon.



Which was most enjoyable over a couple of jugs of rhubarb and mint lemonade on the steps of Museum Leopold.





I can safely say that I love Vienna in summer, especially with my Dr Friend. Stay tuned, there will be another post soon on our adventures in this welcoming European city.


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