Last day in Vienna

For me, almost every summer starts with a firm resolution to find a new favourite flavour of ice-cream, befriend someone with a pool, and dance under a warm rain. Then almost every summer ends with an astonishing realisation that yet again, I did none of these things but instead, had another season full of work, study, and socialising. What remains most memorable is my trip to Vienna to visit my Dr Friend: you remember me writing about Schönbrunn Palace, a former imperial residence for Austrian monarchs, and spending the night on the steps of Leopold Museum. On my last day in town, my Dr Friend invited me to Sunday brunch at Cafe Central — not a biggie, really, only THE place frequented in the past by the likes of Leon Trotsky, Sigmund Freud, Josip Broz Tito, and Vladimir Lenin. It was an amazing feeling to be drinking coffee and champagne somewhere that used to be visited by Europe’s intellectual elite. What if Lenin himself sat in my chair and plotted the Bolshevik Revolution? Shudder…

The cakes and drinks here are spectacular though.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130253._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130248._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130246._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130250._

A special hanger for fresh newspapers.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130252._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130262._

And a stellar breakfast with Viennese coffee (which turned out to be just like a regular cappuccino!)

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130258._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130260._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130256._

Having had our fill of warm croissants, hips of fresh salmon, nice breads, and eggs, we strolled out into the street and somehow ended up in a chocolate shop. No idea how it happened!

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130271._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130291._

They had truffles with any flavour imaginable: from coconut to chilli, from caramel to whiskey.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130283._

My favourite? A chocolate shoe!

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130290._

This shop definitely made me happy!

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130280._

And inspired in me a desire to hug random ice-cream cones!

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130294._

Followed by a walk through town, a short trip to a butterfly house, and a visit to Klimt exhibition in Belvedere.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130293._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130309._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130325._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130326._

With frequent stops for refreshments, naturally.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130322._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130333._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130331._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130335._

and posing…

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130337._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130339._

and property-shopping…

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130361._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130343._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130345._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130344._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130348._

In Vienna, traffic lights are awesome! Instead of the usual stick man, they show couples — a man and a woman, two men and two women.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130363._

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130362._

This summer weekend in Vienna will certainly stay in my memory as time filled with love, laughter, and loyalty — I think Kat (aka Dr Friend) is one of the nicest and definitely most loyal people I have a pleasure of knowing. Thank you, Kat, for hosting me in your beautiful abode, for making me breakfasts, for taking lots of pictures of me and for me, and for simply being there. I love you.

Shade of Red Blog_Vienna_travel1130358._

4 thoughts on “Last day in Vienna

  1. Beautiful photos, I love your portraits of Kat but also hers of you! Oh, and not that I’m into chocolate or anything (*ahem!*) but those stacked, colourful square ones with the raffia can also be found at Whole Foods Kensington. 😉

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  2. Very inspiring and tempting captures from beautiful Wienna… 🙂

    Moreover so I must give a compliment to the yellow dress too which provide a perfect complement to both the fountain and hall. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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