Fortnum & Mason

Established in 1707, Fortnum & Mason is my favourite destination for Christmas shopping. Selling everything from chocolates to perfume and from elegant hats to kitchen appliances, this shop has been the darling of British Royals and Harrods-hating locals. I love bringing my overseas visitors here: the store epitomises the quirky Britishness and the nation’s imperial past. Fortnum & Mason is everything that Harrods isn’t: a classy and tasteful building that is kept uncluttered and elegant irrespective of any holiday season.

Come Christmas-time, I grab my camera and come to the store to marvel at the genius of its visual merchandising (I’m thinking of exploring my obsession with this area further one day), take a few snaps, and, of course, buy lots and lots of presents. Care to join me for a little tour?


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