London holidays

After the holidays, as we all get back to the dark bleak reality of January, we start thinking that perhaps all that whinging about Christmas starting earlier every year had been totally pointless. So what if Selfridges put up its Christmas signs in July? They only did that to please our summer tourists and give them a chance to stock up on some glittery paraphernalia before they go back to their home countries. So what if Christmas songs started being played in your local supermarket right after the Halloween? After all, the songs are very cheery and who doesn’t want a little dose of festive delight while purchasing their kale?

In a true nostalgic fashion (do you think it is too early for me to start feeling nostalgic about Christmas?), I’m reminiscing about the time I walked around Covent Garden admiring the glittery balls and delicate-looking mistletoe tied with silver ribbons and hanging from the ceiling while buying my weight in chilli hot chocolate and marshmallows at Whittards. I stopped for a nice cocktail and sushi at Flesh & Buns — my favourite eatery in the area, and in the evening headed to the Royal Albert Hall to see Nutcracker on Ice. I was joined by my friend Stylish Freelancer (do check out her blog!).

Royal Albert Hall is such a lovely place to be any time of the year: beautiful architecture, sparkly lights, plush red seats, and golden railings. This night, it was dressed to the nines and spotting a beautiful Christmas tree donated by Harrods.

After taking a few snaps (ok, make it a dozen!), The Stylish Freelancer and I headed to the bar for our customary glasses of Moët. Our drinks were perfectly chilled, our seats were wonderfully chosen, and the show was suitably festive. However, 30 minutes in and I start feeling rather out of place… Blame it on the sushi and champagne combo or stress of the holiday season or the bitter disappointment of seeing the beloved Tchaikovsky music being matched with some random choreography but I had to leave the Hall immediately, without waiting for the end of the show. If there is one thing that the past year had taught me, it is that if something does not feel right, you have to walk out.

Now I just hope my friend has forgiven me.

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