Singapore Sky Park

Small, safe, and cosmopolitan, Singapore makes travel very easy. I came to Singapore after spending Christmas and nearly 10 days in the jungle of Thailand. I was ran down by some weird flu and tired of being away from home. All I needed was good sleep, healthy food, and some exercise. Yet, I couldn’t find it in myself to sort it out myself — self-discipline is a powerful mental tool and I seemed to have been applying it to wrong tasks.

Turns out, Singapore is everything a troubled soul might need. Fresh and extremely cheap sushi. Lots of greenery and opportunities for walking and exploring. Quiet spaces for reflection. Beautiful views.

Pictures below are from SkyPark Observation Deck and surroundings: a large wooden decked area on top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel at the edge of the city’s harbour. Nothing but a sheet of glass and a few wires between you and the beautiful view.

(Previous post was about Singapore Zoo)

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