Masquerade at Royal Academy of Arts

It is hard to stay happy and glamorous in January. Between the cold and the rain, the grayness and tax bills, how can one remain cheerful and sociable? For me, this month was full of slightly annoying happenings: this blog being blocked (or at least inaccessible) in my home country, my to-do list piling up ceiling-high, occasional disappointments with people, and other events getting in the way of my inner peace.

I have, however, managed to enjoy life just a bit: last weekend, I invested in an annual membership of the Royal Academy of Arts and devoted some time to exploring Jean-Etienne Liotard exhibition. His works are extremely tactile — being such a great master of light and colour, he shows fabrics and textures in an amazing detail. His paintings give a very acute sensation, as if you are really touching velvet, lace, silk.

I admire Liotard’s ability to stay true to his profession throughout his entire life. It seems as if he simply learnt the skill and then practiced it for the rest of his life while making a rather decent living. Life full of devotion and free of turmoil. Competence and professionalism, and Liotard certainly set a high standard for both!

You are never allowed to take photographs during exhibitions but the night before, we were lucky to attend the Masquerade event dedicated to the works of this great master and organised by the Royal Academy of Art where I was able to snap, snap, snap to my heart’s content.

A beauty parlour, Kletzmer music and baroque dances, a map drawing workshop, Heidegger’s dance hall, flute, hurdy-gurdy and tabor — there was so much to do and see on the night! Such an elaborately dressed crowd and such a beautiful setting! Care to join us for a twirl?

I was accompanied by my friend The Stylish Freelancer.

If you are a fan of glitz and glamour, you might like the Frank Sinatra party and the 1920s event I attended last year.

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