Stockholm: archipelago

As I am closing another chapter of my life, I am thinking about experiences I am leaving behind and what I can expect in the future. Blame it on the spring but here I am with my random bouts of longing: I long for something or someone, not sure what. An experience to shake my world? An event to change my perspective? Assured longing, I call it. When you are assured that it will happen, you are just not sure what, when, and how.

I guess I’m longing for the sea. For waves and seagulls and sandy toes. Having grown up by the sea, I miss it terribly. This might be the only thing my beloved London lacks and the main draw of Stockholm for me.

I took a boat trip around Stockholm archipelago upon advice of a friend. It was a warm sunny day with a light breeze. The boat was travelling between the many little islands and islets with their lush greenery, fairytale wooden houses, and friendly fishermen, I was wearing the dress the colour of the waves, and my body and mind were full of assured longing.

5 thoughts on “Stockholm: archipelago

  1. Love the expression assured longing – I’ve had one of those my entire life (one day it’ll kick it!). Lovely photos, as always! xx


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