Eye shadow

Pre-baby, buying a new eye shadow was an event. I would structure my entire Saturday around the Eye Shadow. My morning would start with scouring through an issue of Glamour or whatever beauty mag I have available, maybe going through a few blogs to get an idea of what is in trend. This would be done over a leisurely cup of hot cappuccino, very strong but with a nice foam on top. Then I’d meet a friend for lunch and we would discuss the Eye Shadow options (amongst other things, obviously. We discuss geopolitics too. World peace. Etc.). We order a glass of Prosecco each. We toast, doesn’t matter to what. After lunch, we are off in search of pretty shiny things. Amongst pretty people. Living a pretty life. I try on Chanel, she insists on Dior. We settle on Armani.

Today, as my son turns 1, I hurriedly rush into a mall to buy three first birthday presents for his “new friends”. He has a much busier social life than me or my husband. I also grab three birthday cards, three carrier bags, and a roll of wrapping paper. Might as well grab breakfast for tomorrow. Oh, and friends are coming over for Sunday nibbles, here is a new Panettone at Carluccio’s. Shoot, forgot the neck warmer that I needed to exchange. Get upset. Never thought I’d find a neck warmer an essential for a baby. You know what a neck warmer is? It is a piece of clothing that a baby wears if his mum is cold…

Where was I? Oh, yes, an eye shadow. As I am leaving the mall, I stop by the first beauty stand that lies on my way. Charlotte Tilbury, probes a young sales assistant. Never heard of it. Did I fall off the face of the Earth, the look on her face says. Probably. Thank you, this will do. No, no need to put the shadow on my second eyelid, who has time for that? I’ll buy it. Thanks indeed. I now have a sparkly left eyelid.

PS. I missed blogging.


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